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Welcome to Millenium Homes!

Millenium homes work with various mental health patients ensuring that their care pathway achieve positive outcomes. We work closely with the service users and their representatives to develop a holistic recovery and rehabilitation plan incorporating relapse indicators and how they are managed.

The principle of our approach is based upon Person Centred Programme and Wellness Recovery Activities Programme (WRAP). Each service user receives a tailored individual recovery and rehabilitation plan whatever his goals might be either to move on into independent living, supported housing or remain in our homely therapeutic environment to continue receiving ongoing support in a safe environment as they may present much higher risk to exploitation or self neglect.

We value our staff and MDT team we work with and we have been able to see over the years a number of service users overcoming barriers and difficulties while in our care and making successful and positive progress in their care pathway by achieving many small and big goals including completing further certificated education like a master degree, successful integration into the community through independent living or supported housing as they complete many small goals such as gaining self confidence, improving on social skills and recognition of personal responsibilities.


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Millenium has also now launched a more stricken recruitment of staff since Dec 2011 and all training is conducted by experienced Human Resource Management Team. Amongst other additional steps taken we no longer accept non accredited training certificates as proof of training and where a potential...

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Millenium is happy to let you know that we have now renewed Guardian Training Partnership Ltd our long term Training partner to provide staffs with training updates and any new employee who have never had any health care training before. Guardian Training Partnership Ltd runs accredited training within...

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Development & Expansion 

Review of our statement of purpose, service user’s guide to cover key area of our service provision by removing the age limit of 65 years old and asserting 18 years and over was completed in December 2011 and the publication were received in End of February 2012. This was significant change...

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Employment Law & Health & Safety Compliance 

Our full registration with Citation PLC means we now have a reputable and strong external partner supporting our recruitment team with policy setting and all aspects of employment Law. All registration documents and contract with Citation plc has been completed as of December 2011 and effective...

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